Deggeller Attractions

Deggeller Attractions is not just any carnival company; we are America’s #1 Carnival company! We are known for our spectacular assortment of amusement rides and keen sense of quality and detail, with an emphasis on safety. We are industry leaders in customer service and are proud to be ranked in OABA’s Circle of Excellence. We service major events such as the Maryland State Fair, Virginia State Fair, York Fair, and many more. Safety at Deggeller Attractions is our top priority. Prior to opening, each piece of equipment is carefully inspected by a skilled midway manager and a ride superintendent using a certified inspection checklist, specific to each attraction.


Kiddie Rides

For the little ones, we have a large variety of kid rides. Some popular kid rides include the Elephants, Circus Train, Speedway, and Dragon Kiddie Coaster. From small children to grandparents, family rides are rides geared for riders of all ages. Rides include the Carousel, Wacky Worm, Magic Maze, and Bumper Cars. Thrill rides combine fast motions, high speeds, spins, drops, and sometimes heights; Deggeller Attractions can give patrons a rush like no other!

Spectacular Rides

Sensational and impressive describe Deggeller spectacular attractions. These rides include Super Nova, Giant Wheel, Vertigo, and Riptide Roller Coaster. Deggeller owns and operates one of the largest, most diverse fleets of mobile roller coasters in the country.


Deggeller Attractions fields an assortment of high quality family oriented midway games to each of its events. Unlike some game operators whose goal is to “beat the customer”, our games are designed to be fun, entertaining, and award the customer with a quality prize.


Deggeller Attractions provides a variety of delicious food to its fairs, festivals, and events. Delicious delights include pizza, Italian sausage, hot dogs, hamburgers, french fries, soft pretzels, corn dogs, and more. Those with a sweet tooth will enjoy tasty treats such as funnel cakes, candy apples, cotton candy, caramel apples, fried Oreos, and more.

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