Can you handle the loop?! We have added another roller coaster to our traveling fleet. This spectacular roller coaster, purchased last winter in Ireland, is THE ONLY traveling loop rollercoaster in the United States.  The Pinfari ZL42 Looping Roller Coaster will be transported on FIVEsemi-trailers and will debut in the 2019 season.


Spectacular Coaster Line Up:

1. Zierer Flitzer Coaster:

In November 2015, Deggeller Attractions, based in Florida, purchased the Zierer Flitzer.

Flitzer, manufactured in 1972, travelled in the United States in the early 1990s (and possibly earlier). It is unknown where it traveled prior to the 1990’s, It opened at Playland’s Castaway Cove in Ocean City, New Jersey in 1994. In 2015, the Flitzer,  along with the Python,  were replaced with three new roller coasters.

The ride now appears at many fairs in the United States.


2. SDC Riptide Coaster: 

RipTideis a steel traveling roller coaster owned by Deggeller Attractions. It was previously owned from 2004 by EK Fernandez.  Painted red, it was called Wild Cat. In 2010, it was purchased by Deggeller Attractions who painted it blue and renamed it RipTide

3. L&T Enterprises Wild Mouse

Deggeller Attractions added the L & T Enterprises Wild Mouse to their family of rides in 2012.  A Wild Mouse roller coaster(also Mad Mouseor Crazy Mouse) is a type of roller coaster characterized by small cars that seat four people or fewer and ride on top of the track, taking tight, flat turns (without banking) at modest speeds, yet producing high lateral G-forces. The Wild Mouse (Wilden Maus) was designed by Franz Mackof Germany in 1957. The ride became an instant hit and licenses to build the design were quickly sold worldwide.  Ted Hopkins (General Manager of Luna Park, Sydney, Australia) saw it at the Seattle World’s Fair in 1962.  He negotiated for the Australian license to manufacture the German ride. To minimize cost he had three built – one for his Luna Park, the other two for a showman by the name of Green. It was rumored to reduce the sign costs he changed the name from Wild Mouse to Mad Mouse.


4. The Pinfari ZL42 Looping Roller Coaster:

Coming in 2019, Deggeller Attractions will have this ride available!

The company has an interesting background.  The company, commonly known as Pinfari, built its first roller coaster, a wild mouse-style ride, in 1954 called “bob-slide.” In 1965, the company introduced a small portable coaster called Zyklon. These coasters proved very popular with traveling fairs and carnivals as wells as permanent amusement parks. Pinfari manufactured Zyklons in several variations and sizes, building over 200 since the ride’s introduction. The models were designated Z40, Z47, Z64 and Z78 — “Z” representing Zyklon and the number representing the length of the coaster base in meters (i.e. the footprint of a Z47 is 47 meters (154 ft) by 18.5 metres (61 ft)). In the 1980s Pinfari added loops to the Zyklon model and marketed them as a Looping Zyklon or Looping Star. The model designation added the letter “L” sometimes next to the Z and sometimes after (i.e. ZL42, ZL50 or Z47L).

The company also manufactures a popular children’s coaster called Big Apple, nearly identical in design to Wacky Worms and Brucomela coasters by Preston and Fabbri.

deggeller-looping-coaster2 copy

Carnival Warehouse

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