We are going cashless / ticketless 

Events across the country are turning to cashless ticketing systems for real-time reporting and reduced guest transaction times. Turning to ticketless is an environmentally smart move as there are an excessive amount of paper tickets used per year. Ticket shredding is a problem at any event, and this system eliminates the issue of reselling.

Deggeller Attractions FunPass is a cashless RFID wristband or card that allows guests to fill the card with the amount of money they want to use at the carnival. This pass will act as an electronic wallet at your fair/ event, without the hassle of using a credit card, cash, or tickets. The RFID wristbands and cards have real-time reporting for each carnival ride with the potential to add food and game accessibility.

Why Go Cashless?

  • Increase revenue
  • Receive real-time reporting data on sales, customer spending, ride / gate monitoring, and more
  • Reduce transaction times & long lines
  • No internet connection required
  • Refill wristbands and cards at multiple stations across the grounds
  • Manage cut off times at the click of a button
  • We will be there every step of the way
  • Create a seamless, stress-free experience for fair-goers
  • Environmentally conscience consumers will like the idea of going GREEN
  • Each ride operator will have a RFID scanner
  • Durable wristbands

Gain complete insight into your fair reports at your fingertips when usingDeggeller Attractions FunPasson your WiFi-connected desktop or mobile device. Automatic alerts will be sent to our ticketing team when the machines need any attention. Withthe Deggeller Attractions FunPass, we get comprehensive, real-time reporting anytime, from anywhere using any WiFi-connected desktop or mobile device. Reporting offers complete access to every armband and ride ridden and the capabilities for more.This system will allow us to see what time to target certain demographics. See how your guests are spending their money and where they are spending it.

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