Deggeller Academy Kickball

Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork

The brain is like a muscle; with exercise, it gets stronger. The Deggeller Academy has integrated exercise and sports into its curriculum as it not only increases learning and concentrating abilities, it also lifts people’s moods.  The 12 students, ages four to 16, who attend the academy all bring different skill levels to the class, but through cooperation and team building, each student is able to enjoy the class.

In March, kickball was the unit for the class.  One of the biggest challenges of the class is having an activity that does not require a large amount of equipment.  Since the school and families are always on the road, it is difficult for families to have the equipment, as well as the facilities to play certain sports.

Screen Shot 2019-03-28 at 10.17.49 PM.png

Since the group is relatively small, some of the Deggeller “family” joins in on the class. Game operators, nannies, moms, dads, office personnel, and friends all join the students in friendly competition.  The comradery with the children and adults has been a benefit, and it makes the experience a little more competitive.

“We have a mix of age with a one-room school.  The kids go at different times, but with the gym class, it brings all the kids together to interact and play with each other,” said Heidi Deggeller Pugh, one of the moms and the short stop.

The parents know and encourage the teamwork associated with playing a sport.  Having fun with this experience, jerseys are currently being made for each of the teams.

Beau Pugh, one of the parents and the kickball pitcher, believes sports are instrumental to the children’s education.  

“It teaches them sportsmanship, responsibility, and teamwork by having this as an addition to their education,” he said.

The next unit for the class is flag football.  Both the students and adults are looking forward to the competition, the laughter, and teamwork.  Go Deggeller!


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